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Working with TSVG pedals gives every guitarist the chance to make musical decisions that will bring more life to their playing and their band, as well as give the audience their money’s worth. With the TSVG Hard Stuff pedal, a guitarist can leave their effects on throughout a gig to ensure that the people in the audience get their ears blasted from beginning to end.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, the TSVG Slow Ride pedal can be used to endlessly sustain notes and add a little bit of fuzz that the guitar cannot create on its own. With this pedal, any guitarist can create new, layered sounds.

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TSVG Pedals Hard Stuff
Our Price: $110.00

The Hard Stuff is the single pedal you need on your pedal board. Use it as an “always on” pedal and take your tube amp to new exciting places, or switch it on when it matters the most and give the people in the front row their money’s worth.
TSVG Pedals Dying Bat
List Price: $170.00
Our Price: $136.00
Savings: $34.00

The Dying Batt is a fuzz at heart with a few unique features.
TSVG Pedals Slow Ride
Our Price: $200.00

The Slow Ride features three hand selected AC128 transistors, carefully chosen to deliver articulate buzzy fuzz with endless sustain.
TSVG Pedals Babbling Flower
Our Price: $215.00

The Babbling Flower produces computer-like fuzz that randomly clips in odd places. Its tone can go from buzzy to barking.
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