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If you’re looking for a first class tremolo guitar pedal, you’ve come to the right place. Tone Factor stocks, sells and ships a fine assortment of tremolo pedal products from respected effects makers like Mojo Hand FX, ColdCraft Effects, Mad Professor and Frederic Effects. Tremolo adds a shuddering sound change that is hard to achieve any other way. The whammy bar on your electric guitar may be called tremolo, but it really isn’t. It’s vibrato. True tremolo is a slight variation in volume, whereas vibrato refers to a slight up-and-down change of pitch. For realistic tremolo guitar sound, nothing beats a tremolo guitar pedal from the Tone Factor online catalog.

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Fredric Effects West Germany Vintage Tremolo
Our Price: $145.00

The Fredric Effects West Germany Vintage Tremolo reworks the classic West German pedal, with a neat MXR-sized enclosure, a flashing LED rate indicator when the effect is engaged, and a more useful depth control. This circuit is famed for it's warmth, with a smooth waveform (not choppy or stuttery like some trems) akin to that found on vintage Fender amps.
Copilot FX Polypus
Our Price: $150.00

UP, DOWN, UP, DowN, uP take control of your sound going up and down, the polypus is a tremolo pedal with a tap tempo LFO with square, sine, steps, triangle, escallonated and ramp up waveshapes.
Coldcraft Effects Harmonic Tremolo V2
Our Price: $189.00

The revised Harmonic Tremolo addresses this with an analog preamp married to a digital modulation engine, allowing much more powerful and unique features than analog circuitry alone.
Mad Professor Mello Yello Tremolo (PCB)
Our Price: $195.00

The Mad Professor Mellow Yellow Tremolo (MYT), is a true sine wave tremolo effect designed for tremolo tones from the of 50's type soft swing to deep modulation with great playability, regardless of tremolo depth or speed.
MASF Pedals Raptio Glitch Delay
Our Price: $219.00

RAPTIO is a Glitch / Hold effects pedal.
Dr. Scientist The Tremolessence
Our Price: $250.00

From classic to futuristic tremolo sounds with classically futuristic good looks, Dr. Scientist guarantees you'll find the essence of millions of awesome sounding tremolo tones inside THE TREMOLESSENCE!
Cusack Music Tap-A-Whirl Tremolo
Our Price: $250.00

The Cusack Music Tap-A-Whirl V3 is the world’s first analog tremolo pedal with Tap Tempo built in. Now with 24 waveforms, stereo out, and tap jack!
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