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Top Tone makes the highest quality handmade pedals. Guitar players looking for the sweetest custom sounds have given the manufacturer high marks for its gains and excellent toning capability. Frequencies are smooth with lower frequencies carrying a nice punch. Products like the Top Tone Light Drive have been engineered to maximize or minimize bass for easier blends with other pedals. The Top Tone DriveGate covers a wide array of full bodied distortion and promises high powered, articulate power chords with every use. Whether being utilized as a booster or a direct plug into an amp, these pedals can do it all, going from subtle tones to hard core bluesy overdrive. Top Tone pedals are extremely versatile and will articulate your sounds progressively, giving you unfettered control of your guitar playing.

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Top Tone Shine Boost SB1
Our Price: $270.00

The Shine Boost SB-1 is a custom handmade effect pedal developed to provide an output signal with much more presence and gain than the input signal, free of distortion and low noise, with a purpose to go beyond the concept of volume pedal.
Top Tone DriveGate DG2
Our Price: $290.00

The DG-2 is based on the classic Big Muff circuit architecture like the DG-1, but the DG-2 is a whole different animal that is in a tone class all by itself, very unlike a Fuzz.
Top Tone DriveGate DG1
Our Price: $290.00

The Drive Gate, the first pedal in the Top Tone line, is the culmination of many years of working the custom effect pedal field. The DG-1 is an exceptionally well-defined and full-bodied distortion.
Top Tone Light Drive
Our Price: $290.00

The Light Drive is designed for those seeking an overdrive with the characteristics of warm, natural sounding tube amp saturation, allowing subtle harmonics and clear pick response to shine through, yet still transparent enough to retain your guitar tone.
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