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Skreddy Distortion, Fuzz & Overdrive Pedals

What can be said about Skreddy Pedals that hasn’t already been said by discriminating guitar enthusiasts the world over? Boasting ultra-high quality build characteristics and distinctive sound even golden-eared audiophiles would recognize, Skreddy’s products include distortion pedals, fuzz pedals, overdrive pedals, and much more. Here at Tone Factor, you can choose from a wide selection of Skreddy Pedals including the Supa Tone Fuzz, P19 Fuzz, Lunar Module Mini Deluxe Fuzz, Little Miss Sunshine Phaser, and Echo delay pedals.

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Skreddy Pedals Dynamic Mids Enhancer
Our Price: 149.00

The Skreddy Pedals™ Dynamic Mids Enhancer sweetens, expands, optimizes, and focuses your guitar tone; it restores lost dynamics and detail while bringing your desired midrange frequencies forward in the mix.
Skreddy Pedals Major Overdrive
Our Price: 149.00

The Skreddy Pedals™ Major Overdrive cleans up well with the guitar volume and has a massive voice like a huge early 70's British tube amplifier.
Skreddy Pedals Rust Rod
Our Price: 149.00

The Skreddy Pedals™ Rust Rod is a new take on the classic rams head fuzz circuit.
Skreddy Pedals Rover
Our Price: 149.00

The Skreddy Pedals™ ROVER can do that wooly, compressed 60's fuzz tone, but it can also be tight and articulate and well behaved.
Skreddy Pedals P19 Fuzz
Our Price: 214.00

Specifically tuned to the sound of a block-buster 1979 album and emulates the "magic" 70's era fuzz pedal that was somehow clear and articulate on high notes while still fuzzy and aggressive on low notes, without excessive low-end muffiness or high-end fizz.
Skreddy Pedals BC109 Fuzz
Our Price: 214.00

Adjustable but not refined—an angry, raw, vintage-style 2-transistor fuzz with extra controls and tweaks to let you recreate oodles of classic fuzz sounds with minimum hassle
Skreddy Pedals Lunar Module Mini Deluxe Fuzz
Our Price: 249.00

Edgy, Aggressive Silicon Fuzz with huge range including clean, overdrive, and distortion.
Skreddy Pedals Hybrid Fuzz Driver
Our Price: 249.00

The first Skreddy Pedal designed specifically for humbucking pickups. Versatile clean boost, overdrive, and light fuzz.
Skreddy Pedals Little Miss Sunshine Phaser
Our Price: 249.00

Optical Phase Shifter With a Classic 70's Voice.
Skreddy Pedals Screw Driver Mini Deluxe Overdrive
Our Price: 249.00

Skreddy Pedals™ Screw Driver is the perfect marriage of sparkle, grit, and growl. Featuring a detailed, cutting twang & jangle and at the same time a smooth, thick, touch-sensitive, mellow response, you will be amazed at the beautiful tones you will hear coming out of your amp.
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