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Simple, clean, and full of sound, Shoe Pedals are the go-to for fuzz and overdrive distortion. With only a select few Shoe pedals in our inventory, it’s a testament to the strong foundation these pedals bring.

Consider the Savior Machine for clean, diverse ranges of overdrive without any overbearing effects from the pedal. Your guitar will take center stage, and a Savior Machine will be there to help it convey a range of tones. If you want the pedal to take over, consider the Shoe Pedal Plume Distortion. Designed to create that classic, heavy distortion sound, the Plume is all about explosive sound and intensity.

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Shoe Pedals Robert Fuzz
Our Price: 150.00

Robert is inspired by the legendary smooth fuzz lead tones created by a certain progressive guitarist with the same name. It is not, however, clone of any of his pedals.
Shoe Pedals Frog
Our Price: 175.00

The Frog is a differential pair octave surrounded by carefully tuned class A MOSFET amplifiers. The result is less an Octave Fuzz and more an Octave boost or overdrive.
Shoe Pedals Ancient Astronaut
Our Price: 175.00

Mainstream scientists have no explanation for why this Dogon Fuzz depicts a Mayan carving rather than Dogon artwork. Could the Nommos have been a race of extra-terrestrial visitors sent to spread knowledge of astronomy and fuzz pedals to peoples across the globe? Is this how the Dogon have knowledge of Ancient Mayan Fuzz technology? Ancient Astronaut theorists say yes.
Shoe Pedals Savior Machine Overdrive
Our Price: 185.00

The Savior Machine is what can commonly be called a “Transparent” Overdrive. What this means, simply, is the Savior Machine will let the natural sound of your guitar and amp shine through without fundamentally altering their character.
Shoe Pedals Plume Distortion
Our Price: 185.00

The Plume is designed to produce a thick and heavy distortion sound reminiscent of those heard on many classic 90s alternative rock albums. It is (so far) the most aggressive-sounding pedal in the SHOE lineup and kicking it on mid song will give you a satisfying explosion of sound.
Shoe Pedals Pixel
Our Price: 185.00

The Pixel is a gated fuzz and is commonly used on bass, though it works quite well on guitar, synthesizers, and loops.
Shoe Pedals Silver Apple
Our Price: 250.00

The Silver Apple is a wild beast of a fuzz or maybe a synthesizer or both.
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