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Rockbox Electronics

When it comes to vintage distortion and other cool effects, you can't go wrong with Rockbox pedals. Tone Factor is pleased to offer a wide assortment of high-quality Rockbox pedals and effects for rock-bottom prices so you can easily stock up on cool pedals that help you expand your abilities as a musician. Rockbox Electronics pedals are designed with quality and versatility in mind. From easy-to-use volume and gain controls to three-position diode selectors, the Rockbox Boiling Point, Red Dog, and other effects pedals get the job done. If you're ready for something a little different, it's time to add one of these pedals to your collection. Shop Tone Factor for terrific deals on today's best Rockbox pedals.

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Rockbox Electronics Red Dog
Our Price: 179.00

The Rockbox™ The Red Dog™ is a distinctive distortion pedal with volume and gain controls to easily dial in tones from a tweed-like overdrive to aggressive punch.
Rockbox Electronics Baby Blues
Our Price: 199.00

The Rockbox™ Baby Blues™ Distortion / Boost is a new approach in creating vintage tones. With two distinct Vintage Distortion settings, Clean Boost, TrebleBoost, Gain, Drive and Tone controls, the Baby Blues™ provides over 16 different combinations of tone, which can be further modified by the Gain, Drive and Tone controls.
Rockbox Electronics Boiling Point
Our Price: 199.00

The Rockbox™ Boiling Point™ Overdrive Boost incorporates a 3 position diode selector for a nearly endless variety of harmonic flavor. In the Plexi mode, the pedal has very Marshall-like response. For the Symetrical Overdrive mode, they gave the pedal a truly organic, tube-like distortion, with greater output. You will notice the overtones and response is like no other pedal.
Rockbox Electronics Brown Sugar
Our Price: 199.00

The Brown Sugar™ is inspired by one of the most sought-after tones for decades: the sound of a cranked vintage British non-master volume amp. Whether recorded on classic albums or played on tour by legendary hard rock bands, the raw power of plugging straight into a full stack and turning it all the way up has transformed blues and rock music forever.
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