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Rainger FX distortion pedals make it easy to achieve a wide array of cool sounds and effects, and Tone Factor is the leading source for great deals on these innovative, high-quality products. You'll love the custom analog effects that you can achieve with Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz, Rainger FX El Distorto, and other pedals and products in our lineup. At Tone Factor, we're serious about bringing musicians the finest effects possible, and we're confident that you'll be beyond thrilled with your Rainger FX distortion pedal. You'll be even happier when you see how affordable are prices are, so why not buy more than one? Tone Factor ships quickly, so you'll have your new pedals before you know it. Place your order now!

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Rainger FX Freakenstein's Dwarf
Our Price: $169.99

This is the world's first boutique micro-pedal - another first for Rainger FX!
Rainger FX El Distorto
Our Price: $214.99

This is a silicon diode-based distortion pedal, housed in an asymmetric metal enclosure (designed by Rainger FX). It's a full, tonally balanced distortion sound with a specific mid frequency-adjusted accent, and going to more all-out fuzz on high settings. Main panel knobs are 'drive' and 'volume'.
Rainger FX Son of Freakenstein
Our Price: $224.99

This is a stripped-down version of the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DrFF-3. It has the same full-on distortion circuit, housed in its own original design steel desk-type enclosure, and with true bypass footswitching.
Rainger FX Air Traffic Controller
Our Price: $319.99

The Air Traffic Controller mixes a Rainger FX optimum distortion circuit with a white noise 'hiss' generator, and sends the sound through a low pass filter. The cut-off frequency of the filter is controlled in three possible ways; by the envelope of the note (the volume), the pitch of the note, or in a random mode.
Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz
Our Price: $334.99

This is an extreme tone-mangling distortion, adapted from John Hollis' 'Crash Sync' circuit. It's the same circuit as that used in the original Dr Freakenstein Fuzz, housed in our own original design steel desk-type enclosure with true bypass footswitching incorporated.
Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein Bass Distortion
Our Price: $334.99

This is an extreme tone-mangling distortion, very similar to the circuit in the regular Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DrFF-3 - but with the low end boosted. It also has a 'mix' knob to blend the right amount of distorted sound in the output signal.This pedal produces an incredibly flexible palette of sounds, specially designed to appeal to bassists.
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