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Octave Guitar Pedals

In the market for octave effects pedals? Shop the selection at Tone Factor to find what you need quickly! You're sure to be inspired by the many exciting octave effects pedals that we carry, including options by reputable brands like EarthQuaker, MXR, Fredric, and MHSF. We offer competitive prices on these top-notch octave pedals and sweeten the deal with free shipping.

There's no end to the possibilities when it comes to using a well-designed octave effects pedal. From vintage synth to bold, octave fuzz, you'll be blown away by the exciting tones that you can create with the right pedal. We stock pedals that even allow you to combine gain and volume to create your own unique sound. All orders qualify for free shipping, so find what you need, order now, and get back to shredding!

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Black Arts Toneworks Fnord
Our Price: 142.79

The Fnord is a octaver / fuzz type circuit with some twists. It blends a scrambler / octaver type fuzz with a more traditional fuzz / distortion.
EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird Repeat Percussions
Our Price: 145.00

EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird is, at heart, a hard and choppy tremolo. What comes out is more akin to vintage synth style oscillations.
Fredric Effects Dresden Synth Fuzz
Our Price: 145.00

The Dresden Synth Fuzz is a quite unique pedal. Combining two synthy-sounding octave fuzzes run in parallel - an upper and lower octave fuzz - it covers the whole frequency range. It's dirty and snarly on the low notes, almost like a malfunctioning analogue synth, and relentlessly precise on the higher notes. It is always rewardingly noisy!
MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe
Our Price: 149.99

The M288 Bass Octave Deluxe is a dual-voice octave pedal from MXR Bass Innovations that offers organic analog tone, true bypass, and a wide variety of tone-shaping options.
Copilot FX Mantis
Our Price: 150.00

The MANTIS 2 is an octave down fuzz, offering some glitch type of tones, intermodulating octave sounds, almost synthbass, also an octave up swell can be achieved with the right settings.
Copilot FX Caracol
Our Price: 150.00

Droney Octave up when nothing is plugged into the external jack, plugging a fixed frequency source into the jack it turns into a ring modulator tuned to the frequency, plugging another instrument it turns into an awesome machine of sonic euphoria and blistering joy (IF both the instrument and the source are playing the same harmonies) or a sonic chaotic monster that will totally destroy the input (if the source and the instrument are playing in their own ways), but no matter how you use it, the Caracol will let you open some sonic doors and conquer tones you never thought could get, the only limitation is your imagination and creativity.
Copilot FX Cubic Bass Octave Down
Our Price: 150.00

Add some lows, more body and fatness to your basslines, The cubic offers great control, to shape and manipulate.
Shoe Pedals Frog
Our Price: 175.00

The Frog is a differential pair octave surrounded by carefully tuned class A MOSFET amplifiers. The result is less an Octave Fuzz and more an Octave boost or overdrive.
Earthquaker Devices Organizer
Our Price: 185.00

The Organizer is a polyphonic organ emulator designed to mimic the organ tones of yesteryear crossed with the highly unique “Guitorgan”. The organizer has a warm and very analog feel with a hint of Leslie warble that is unlike other modern octave shifters.
MASF Pedals Kidnapper
Our Price: 187.00

The MASF Kidnapper is a rehashing of the famous DOD FX33. At first it would seem to be a complete clone but the Kidnapper is true-bypass, has no buffer and modified resistance compared to the DOD. In many ways the Kidnapper was designed to be an effect unit for the MASF SCM contact microphone and not an effect for guitars. When changing the circuitry for the Kidnapper the premise was to create an effect for the SCM and not for a guitar.
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