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Big, bold sounds. Huge capacity for potential. Incredible creativity for guitarists. This all describes the MXR experience. From their Noise Clamps and Custom Badass 78 Distortion machines to the Micro Chorus 80’s reissue product, nothing about MXR’s products is ordinary. Tone Factor carries a great range of MXR pedals including MXR Carbon Copy analog delay pedals, wah pedals, and bass pedals.

Be blown away by the roars of huge amp stack tones and old-school distortion while crankin’ out those jams with the M78 Custom Badass, or get engrossed in a stunning range of rich chorus textures from sparkly, watery shimmers to intense rotating speaker simulation with the M148 Micro Chorus. With Tone Factor and MXR, it’s all possible!

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MXR M195 Noise Clamp
Our Price: $79.99

Crank your stomp pedals to the extreme without the fear of any hiss or excess noise with the MXR Noise Clamp. By sensing your guitar's dry signal, the Noise Clamp reduces the noise level within the effects loop, coming down hard on even the noisiest signals.
MXR M78 Custom Badass 78 Distortion
Our Price: $79.99

The MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion roars with huge amp stack tones and old school distortion. Dunlop took a classic distortion circuit and hot-rodded it to deliver over-the-top soaring leads and rich, saturated rhythms.
MXR M148 Micro Chorus
Our Price: $79.99

With its simple operation and stellar analog tone—the MXR Micro Chorus joins the ranks of MXR Classics such as the Phase 90, Dyna Comp and Micro Amp. This 80's reissue delivers a stunning range of rich chorus textures, from sparkly watery shimmers to intense rotating speaker simulation with a twist of the Rate control.
MXR Phase 90
Our Price: $79.99

This device has found its way into many of Eddie Van Halen's recordings, adding a shimmery velocity to lead passages or a more dramatic swoosh to muted strumming.
MXR M109 6 Band Graphic EQ
Our Price: $79.99

The MXR 6-Band EQ covers all the essential guitar frequencies, with each slider ready to deliver +/-18dB of cut or boost for incredible control over your sound.
MXR M152 Micro Flanger
Our Price: $89.99

Based on the benchmark sounds of the MXR M117 Flanger, the MXR Micro Flanger classic features many of the same flanging effects of its big brother, but in a smaller and more convenient size.
MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified OD
Our Price: $99.99

Next up in the MXR Custom Badass line is the Modified Overdrive—a classic overdrive circuit with modern modifications for improved performance and versatility.
MXR MC401 Custom Audio Electronics Boost/Line Driver
Our Price: $99.99

The Boost/Overdrive and Boost pedals are the first offerings in the series produced by MXR, featuring the unique sonic stamp of legendary designer Bob Bradshaw.
MXR M75 Super Badass Distortion
Our Price: $99.99

Designed by the award-winning MXR® Custom Badass™ team, the Super Badass Distortion puts decades of 100% analog distortion at your feet. With its highly responsive Distortion control, the Super Badass covers a full spectrum, from early ’70s low gain overdrive to modern “scooped” metal distortion and every shade of dirt in between. Once you’ve dialed in your desired amount of crunch, you can use the Bass, Mid, and Treble controls to finely sculpt your sound.
MXR CSP101SL Script Phase 90 with LED
Our Price: $99.99

Often imitated but never duplicated, the elusive vintage “script” Phase 90 is at the top of the list for pedal collector’s world-wide.
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