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Take your music to the next level with a Moriae guitar effects pedal. From grunge to heavy metal, these effects pedals deliver the exact sound you want, giving you precise control over the amount of gain, fuzz, delay, and tone for your songs. Moriae specializes in creating high-quality pedals for hobbyists and professionals alike, and each signature pedal has user-friendly controls for blending tones and gain for maximum output. Create eerie repeats with Moriae delay guitar effects, and achieve that vintage sound with Moriae guitar fuzz pedals. No matter what music you create, a Moriae effects pedal makes it sound even better.

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Moriae Pedals Biotite Distortion
Our Price: 69.99

If you are looking to recreate dark heavy tones and you just bought the Biotite Distortion you won’t be let down.
Moriae Pedals Lapis Lazuli Delay
Our Price: 79.99

The Lapis Lazuli Delay is versatile digital delay.
Moriae Pedals Cerussite Fuzz
Our Price: 79.99

Get that great classic fuzz sound without having to worry about buy an old vintage unit.
Moriae Pedals Spinel Distortion
Our Price: 99.99

The Spinel Distortion is an aggressive sounding distortion pedal with a huge amount of gain.
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