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When people think of guitar sounds involving pedals, they inevitably think of Jimi Hendrix, but so many other great musicians have employed the right pedal to fit into the song they're playing. MASF pedals are absolutely among the best that are currently available. Solidly built, featuring great control, and including amazing distortion effects, MASF foot pedals can give your guitar a brand new tone and feel. Whether you're looking for something to enhance a lead guitar, or maybe you need a couple MASF bass guitar pedals, you'll find what you're looking for here.

MASF boutique pedals are mind blowing and awesome with all of their options, truly innovating the way that we play and creating new sounds that may one day revolutionize music the same way that Hendrix did in his brief but powerful career.

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MASF Pedals SCM Percussion Noise Maker
Our Price: 59.00

The MASF SCM is a noise effect that can be paired together the MASF OSC02 or any of your favorite effects. The body of the SCM is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The body has a pickup built into the unit and spring attached to the body. You can smack around the body of the SCM to create a variety of crashing impactful sounds.
MASF Pedals OSC03
Our Price: 169.00

With simple controls the OSC03 exceeds previous models creating the most incredible sounding noise effect oscillator.
MASF Pedals Epilepsy
Our Price: 187.00

Outrageous Oscillator Explosive Sound Effect. The Epilepsy is a super distorted fuzz with an out of control explosive oscillator that is intertwined with the guitar signal. This effect is not easy on the user. Let the Epilepsy take hold of you.
MASF Pedals Kidnapper
Our Price: 187.00

The MASF Kidnapper is a rehashing of the famous DOD FX33. At first it would seem to be a complete clone but the Kidnapper is true-bypass, has no buffer and modified resistance compared to the DOD. In many ways the Kidnapper was designed to be an effect unit for the MASF SCM contact microphone and not an effect for guitars. When changing the circuitry for the Kidnapper the premise was to create an effect for the SCM and not for a guitar.
MASF Pedals Lavender Head
Our Price: 187.00

The Lavender Head is vicious sounding fuzz great for the modern day Eddie Hazel. At the heart of this pedal is a lush filter that allows players to get creamy lead tones and the way to shrill piercing lead tones.
MASF Pedals Life Convulsion
Our Price: 187.00

This Life Convulsion allows you to actively combine volume and gain to construct your own octave fuzz sound. Different combinations of the volume and gain knob can create peculiar glass scratching, metal bending, hysterical fuzz sounds. This is an extremely high-output octave fuzz so be careful with your amp.
MASF Pedals Paranoid
Our Price: 209.00

The Paranoid drive pedal is a deep thick tone reminiscent of Black Sabbath. Don’t think of the Paranoid as a one trick pony either. The Paranoid can go from aggressive metal lines, all the way to bluesy leads. The paranoid truly is an extremely versatile pedal.
MASF Pedals Raptio Glitch Delay
Our Price: 219.00

RAPTIO is a Glitch / Hold effects pedal.
MASF Pedals Thornoscillator
Our Price: 225.00

Thornoscillator is used as a fuzz guitar but also the oscillation, and match very well, connect a synthesizer or rhythm machine and multi-effects fuzz noise oscillation rate can also be used separately as a noise machine thornoscillator.
MASF Pedals Starry Wisdom
Our Price: 245.00

The Starry Wisdom is a fuzz pedal created with bass players in mind with a sound that on the verge of explosive.
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