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With its highly textured line of fuzz effects and its precision compression controls, Hartman guitar pedals push the tradition of fuzz and buzz effects into the future. The Hartman BC108 includes "Fuzz" and "Volume" controls, which enable you to adjust the texture amplitude of its fuzz effects while its external bias control enables you to strengthen its power output. The Hartman Compressor puts the width of your sound at your fingertips and can be chained to one of Hartman's fuzz effects pedals to squeeze even more texture out of them. True bypass switches are included with both the BC108 and Compressor. Give the Hartman Vintage Germanium Fuzz a try for a classic sound created with specially-selected Germanium transistors.

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Hartman BC108 Silicon Fuzz
Our Price: 129.99

The Hartman BC108 is a very musical sounding and faithful recreation of the original Silicon fuzz face circuit with essential modern amenities like true-bypass, on/off LED, and 9VDC-in jack.
Hartman Compressor
Our Price: 169.99

The Hartman Compressor recreates the tight, transparent squeeze and legendary soft-clipping of one of the first (and smallest) guitar compressors.
Hartman Vintage Germanium Boost
Our Price: 169.99

The Hartman Vintage Germanium Boost is a very musical and faithful recreation of the original Rangemaster treble booster using N.O.S. (new old-stock) PNP Germanium transistors, each carefully screened for leakage and gain, and auditioned for tonal characteristics.
Hartman Ge Crystal Valve
Our Price: 179.99

The Germanium Crystal Valve is an original design three-transistor Germanium fuzz by Hartman that draws on two different-era Vox Tonebender circuit designs (MKII and MKIII) for its inspiration.
Hartman Si Crystal Valve
Our Price: 179.99

The Silicon Crystal Valve is a four-transistor Silicon fuzz based on the SolaSound SupaTonebender, a classic 70's fuzz popularized by Steve Hackett of Genesis among others.
Hartman Vintage Germanium Fuzz
Our Price: 189.99

A very musical sounding and faithful recreation of the original fuzz face circuit using N.O.S. (new old-stock) PNP Germanium transistors, selected and paired for optimal gain, texture, and tone.
Hartman Envelope Filter
Our Price: 239.99

Inspired by one of the great envelope filter pedals of the 1970's and developed with guitarist Mark Karan (The Other Ones, Bob Weir & Ratdog) the Hartman Envelope Filter is a recreation of a classic effect optimized for tone, flexibility, and ease-of-use.
Hartman SFZ Dual Stage Fuzz
Our Price: 249.99

The Hartman SFZ Dual Fuzz brings together two classic fuzz circuits in a single pedal. Starting with a pair of meticulously crafted recreations of the original fuzz face circuit, the SFZ stacks two stages of fuzz end-to-end using gain-selected Germanium and Silicon transistor pairs: a N.O.S. (new old-stock) Germanium stage followed by a current-production Silicon transistor stage.
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