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Guitar Effects Pedals

Looking for excellent effects products? You have come to the right place. Whether it’s bass effects, boosts, chorus pedals, delays, echoes, equalizers, reverb pedals, synths, or volume pedals, you’ll find it all here at Tone Factor. Choose from our plethora of top-quality guitar effects pedals, looper pedals, and tremolo pedals or consider one of our Amptweaker overdrive pedal products like the TightDrive. This gain pedal features uber-tight control and a true bypass switch, gain, tone and volume controls, an effects loop with pre/post switch, and more.

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Pigeon FX Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face iss1 MOJO Kit
Our Price: 28.50

Pigeon FX Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face iss1 MOJO Kit DIY Guitar Effect Pedal
Pigeon FX Rangemaster Treble Booster Clone Kit
Our Price: 28.50

Pigeon FX Rangemaster Treble Booster Clone Kit
Pigeon FX shin-ei Companion Fuzz Kit
Our Price: 28.50

Pigeon FX shin-ei Companion Fuzz Kit
Pigeon FX Supa Fuzz Clone Kit
Our Price: 35.00

Pigeon FX Supa Fuzz Clone Kit
Fredric Effects Kl*n Buffer
Our Price: 54.00

Featuring the renowned buffer stage from the famous boutique overdrive pedal, these prevent treble loss caused by long cable runs and true bypass effects.
MASF Pedals SCM Percussion Noise Maker
Our Price: 59.00

The MASF SCM is a noise effect that can be paired together the MASF OSC02 or any of your favorite effects. The body of the SCM is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The body has a pickup built into the unit and spring attached to the body. You can smack around the body of the SCM to create a variety of crashing impactful sounds.
Moriae Pedals Biotite Distortion
Our Price: 69.99

If you are looking to recreate dark heavy tones and you just bought the Biotite Distortion you won’t be let down.
Moriae Pedals Lapis Lazuli Delay
Our Price: 79.99

The Lapis Lazuli Delay is versatile digital delay.
Moriae Pedals Cerussite Fuzz
Our Price: 79.99

Get that great classic fuzz sound without having to worry about buy an old vintage unit.
MXR M195 Noise Clamp
Our Price: 79.99

Crank your stomp pedals to the extreme without the fear of any hiss or excess noise with the MXR Noise Clamp. By sensing your guitar's dry signal, the Noise Clamp reduces the noise level within the effects loop, coming down hard on even the noisiest signals.
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