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No pedal array is complete without a set of highly conductive, securely insulated guitar cables. Don't lose the integrity of your sound by compromising on your guitar pedal cables. Quality guitar link cables will endure the tear downs and setups of your practices, studio sessions and live shows. Short patch cables can help you chain together a pedal array on a board while minimizing entanglements and confusion. In contrast, longer cables can help you keep your most prized pedals out of the center of your setup and away from the madness.

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Evidence Audio Monorail Solid Core Patch Cable
Our Price: 2.95

The Monorail™ Tiny cable; huge sound. Goes where others refuse to travel and brings it on home.
Evidence Audio SIS Plug
Our Price: 7.95

The SIS Plug™ features incredible contact and grip with the positive conductor of the Monorail cable. All you have to do is strip the cable, screw in the cable and screw on the cap. Done!
Koch Dynacon Speaker Cable KDSC608-3SS
Our Price: 39.95

At Koch Amps, we are constantly trying to improve the sound quality of our products. This quest for the best sound does not end with using the best potmeters, the ultimate transformer or great speakers. Your guitar tone is a sum of many components. Speaker cables are just as important to your guitar tone as your guitar, pedals and amplifier.

Speakercables are the link between your amp and speaker cabinet. Using a high quality speaker cable will make a big difference in your tone and greatly improve your guitar sound.

While developing our new series of speaker cabinets, we came to the conclusion that we also had to change our internal wiring. After numerous tests found that eventhough there were several good cables, we could not find an outstanding speaker cable. After more testing and development we finaly developed what we think is the ultimate speaker cable for guitar, the Koch Dynacon speaker cable.
This speaker cable has everything we were looking for and we are certain that you will all appreciate it as much as we do.

The Koch Dynacon SC608 speakercable features Ultra-Pure OFC copper,
VariCore Technology,State-of-the-art construction andNeutrik Connectors
to ensure the best possible connection between your amplifier and your speaker(s).

Our unique VariCore technology combines four solid core conductors with two stranded conductors. The Solid Core (1) conductors provide a warm, full bodied low end and crystal clear highs while the Stranded conductors (2) provide a lush and musical mid response.

This combination of solid and stranded wires is used to preserve sustain and gives an edge to your tone which is very important for guitar & bass guitar sound. The VariCore technology ensures the best possible performance with maximum nuance, tonal complexity and natural overtones.
Evidence Audio Melody
Our Price: 81.00

The Melody™ Little Brother of the Lyric HG; yet still beats up the competitors' kids without help at a great price.
Evidence Audio Lyric HG
Our Price: 115.00

The Lyric HG™ A refinement of the original Lyric cable with greater resolving ability. Yin to the Yang of The Forte.
Evidence Audio Reveal
Our Price: 119.00

The Reveal™ An extension of your pick-up windings plugged straight into your amplifier. Flexible, fast and lightweigh
Evidence Audio Forte Straight to Straight 10 ft / 3m (FTSS10)
Our Price: 138.00

The Forte™
A flexible Instrument cable with exceptional tone and feel.
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