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If you're looking to buy fuzz guitar pedals, you've come to the right place. So many of the greatest songs recorded have involved a fuzz pedal in one way or another. Robby Kreiger of the Doors says that since their amps didn't have overdrive, fuzz was all they had available, which made its best appearance in the haunting When the Music's Over. Keith Richards played one of the most famous fuzz effect riffs in music history in (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, which was almost trombone-like in its sound. Even the Beastie Boys' Sabotage used a fuzz effect pedals, especially for the bass part.

We carry only the finest brands and products in stock, so you can find the best fuzz foot pedal for you.

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Moriae Pedals Cerussite Fuzz
Our Price: 79.99

Get that great classic fuzz sound without having to worry about buy an old vintage unit.
Nine Volt Pedals Fishing is as Fun as Fuzz
Our Price: 79.99

As fuzzy as a family of holidaying bears on a fishing trip. And this fuzz is no copy cat clone, it's a sleuth of bears who make their own unique happy fun.
Pedal Tank Bone Breaker Fuzz
Our Price: 119.99

The Bone Breaker from Pedal Tank is a great sounding fuzz pedal. The amount of distortion you can get is perfect. Perfect for old school punk and more aggressive styles of music that are not quite metal.
Rainger FX Freakenstein's Dwarf
Our Price: 119.99

This is the world's first boutique micro-pedal - another first for Rainger FX!
Fredric Effects Foxrite Fuzz
Our Price: 120.00

The Fredric Effects Foxrite is a clone of the late 60s Silicon Mosrite Fuzzrite.
Fredric Effects Mutant Fuzz
Our Price: 129.00

The Regulus VIII is similar in topology to a silicon Fuzz Face, but with a more gritty and trebley character. The Mutant Fuzz is pretty much a straight clone with some added power and RF interference filtering - so it won't pick-up the radio like the originals sometimes do!
Hartman BC108 Silicon Fuzz
Our Price: 129.99

The Hartman BC108 is a very musical sounding and faithful recreation of the original Silicon fuzz face circuit with essential modern amenities like true-bypass, on/off LED, and 9VDC-in jack.
Way Huge Electronics Swollen Pickle MKII Jumbo Fuzz
Our Price: 129.99

The most sought-after and corpulent Way Huge pedal is back! The Swollen Pickle MKII surrenders super high-gain fuzz with copious amounts of smooth low-end to all who dare plug into it.
MXR M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe
Our Price: 129.99

MXR dug up a rare vintage fuzz and modified it for the modern bassist.
Rainger FX Freakenstein's Dwarf Bleep
Our Price: 139.99

This is the world's first boutique micro-pedal - another first for Rainger FX!
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