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Fredric Effects Guitar Foot Pedals

Fredric Effects guitar foot pedals are some of the most reliable and innovative foot pedals you could possibly buy. Always looking to change the way that guitar distortion pedals are utilized, these boutique pedals can produce tones in ways that no other pedal can. This comes from a dedication to high quality sound and a willingness to experiment and find new, interesting approaches to tone that haven't been done before. The Fredric Effects overdrive pedals manage to replicate the warmth of an overdriven valve amp without sacrificing the more severe distortion sounds, and products like the Fredric Effects Pocket Weasel deliver great fuzz box effects with a distinctive wah sound to give new life to even older songs.

You can't beat the quality of Frederic Effects boutique foot pedals and you can’t beat the selection of Tone Factor!

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Fredric Effects Kl*n Buffer
Our Price: $54.00

Featuring the renowned buffer stage from the famous boutique overdrive pedal, these prevent treble loss caused by long cable runs and true bypass effects.
Fredric Effects Foxrite Fuzz
Our Price: $120.00

The Fredric Effects Foxrite is a clone of the late 60s Silicon Mosrite Fuzzrite.
Fredric Effects Mutant Fuzz
Our Price: $129.00

The Regulus VIII is similar in topology to a silicon Fuzz Face, but with a more gritty and trebley character. The Mutant Fuzz is pretty much a straight clone with some added power and RF interference filtering - so it won't pick-up the radio like the originals sometimes do!
Fredric Effects Pocket Weasel
Our Price: $144.00

The Pocket Weasel is an original fuzzbox with a highly distinctive wah-like tone control. I took the idea of the Harmonic Energizer with added fuzz combo that we build as 'Do the Weasel Stomp' and used a simpler workalike circuit. The frequency range has been broadened so it goes from a deep bass boost to ear-shredding treble, with vocal wah-like sounds in between. A Germanium transistor gain stage has been added to give the fuzz in the Pocket Weasel a rougher edge.
Fredric Effects Dresden Synth Fuzz
Our Price: $145.00

The Dresden Synth Fuzz is a quite unique pedal. Combining two synthy-sounding octave fuzzes run in parallel - an upper and lower octave fuzz - it covers the whole frequency range. It's dirty and snarly on the low notes, almost like a malfunctioning analogue synth, and relentlessly precise on the higher notes. It is always rewardingly noisy!
Fredric Effects Green Russian
Our Price: $145.00

Fredric Effects clone of the green box Russian Big Muff. This circuit differs from the new black box Russian Big Muff and the Red Army Overdrive, and is perhaps the most sought-after of the transistor muffs.
Fredric Effects Unpleasant Companion
Our Price: $145.00

This is a clone of the Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz, modified with a volume boost circuit to avoid the volume drop characteristic of vintage units*. The Unpleasant Companion lives up to its name, and is a harsh transistor fuzz unlike any other!
Fredric Effects West Germany Vintage Tremolo
Our Price: $145.00

The Fredric Effects West Germany Vintage Tremolo reworks the classic West German pedal, with a neat MXR-sized enclosure, a flashing LED rate indicator when the effect is engaged, and a more useful depth control. This circuit is famed for it's warmth, with a smooth waveform (not choppy or stuttery like some trems) akin to that found on vintage Fender amps.
Fredric Effects Warp Sound Distortion
Our Price: $145.00

The Fredric Effects Warp Sound is a modernised version of the rare 1970s Vorg Warp Sound, a particularly interesting filter+distortion effect. It is an exact reconstruction of the original circuit, improved by moving the internal distortion control to the outside of the enclosure. This useful gain control makes the Warp Sound much more versatile, and moves it into fuzz territory with the gain turned-up.
Fredric Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion
Our Price: $145.00

The Fredric Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion is an improved version of the Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz. Following requests from bass players, we've modified this circuit to preserve more of the low frequencies and added a clean blend function. So you can mix the clean signal with the fuzz according to taste.
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