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When a guitar monster like Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page or Tak Matsumoto wants to add super expression to a solo, they step on a Dunlop Cry Baby wah pedal. Dunlop pedals were popularized by Jimi Hendrix in the 60s, and they continue to be the industry standard as well as the best-selling wah effect pedals on the market today. Tone Factor is pleased to present a splendid selection of California-made Dunlop guitar effect pedals that are sure to sweeten your sound. Need a true bypass pre-amp? We offer a road-ready Dunlop Echoplex pre-amp that can boost gain by up to +11dB while faithfully recreating the legendary sound of the Echoplex EP-3. Browse our online catalog to see the full range of Dunlop effects pedals for sale at Tone Factor.

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Dunlop Volume Pedal DVP-1
Our Price: 99.99

The Dunlop DVP1 volume guitar effects pedal features a patent pending Steel Band Drive that creates a low-friction environment with no strings or ratchet gears attached.
Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini
Our Price: 99.99

Don’t let its small size fool you—the CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah doesn’t skimp on tone or usability. It comes equipped with the legendary Fasel inductor, a full sweep range, and three internally adjustable voicings—Low, Vintage, and GCB95.
Dunlop Volume X Pedal DVP-3
Our Price: 119.99

Create incredibly smooth volume swells or control your effect pedal parameters with the Dunlop DVP3 Volume X. Small and pedalboard-friendly, the DVP3 is solidly-built and ready for the road.
Dunlop EP101 Echoplex Preamp
Our Price: 119.99

When the Echoplex® EP-3 came out, guitar players were hooked by the way its preamp sweetened up their sound. Soon, the EP-3 made its way onto the records of top guitar players—from Jimmy Page to Eddie Van Halen and Eric Johnson—as much for its tone conditioning ability as its tape echo effect. Now, you can put the EP-3’s legendary secret sauce right on your pedalboard.
Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Pedal
Our Price: 149.99

The Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face is a meticulously faithful reproduction of the 1969-70 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face that Jimi used on classic albums like Band of Gypsys. Dunlop's engineering department examined hoards of vintage Fuzz Faces, honing in on a few units that possessed unmistakable Jimi voodoo.
Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Signature Cry Baby Wah
Our Price: 169.99

Whether it’s with his bluesy solo career or with the rocking Black Country Communion, Joe Bonamassa’s playing is fiery, deep, and powerful. And when he really wants to express himself in a solo, he steps on a Cry Baby wah.
Dunlop CM95 Clyde McCoy Cry Baby
Our Price: 199.99

The Clyde McCoy® by Cry Baby® Wah Wah is a tribute to the first production wah wah ever made. This modernized classic captures the throaty voice and expressive sweep of the original while offering gigging players the consistency and convenience they need on the road.
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