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Shop Tone Factor for great deals on high-quality Dr. Scientist pedals! From chorus pedals to distortion generators, Dr. Scientist products deliver superior versatility and exceptional sounds. Whether you're in the market for a Dr. Scientist The Elements, a Dr. Scientist CosmiChorus or another way to broaden your musical horizons, you'll find what you need for less, right here. Tone Factor is committed to bringing customers boutique, handmade effects that are hard to find anywhere else, and we continually update our selection to ensure that you're able to get your hands on the best Dr. Scientist distortion generators and pedals, so start shopping now!

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Dr. Scientist FrazzDazzler
Our Price: 200.00

The Frazz Dazzler is a truly unruly analog distortion device. A thick, wild, cutting, grinding, wall of fuzz that will crush your enemies' bones into dust and scare off werewolves - perfect for the extreme guitar tones of today's brave new world. And that's just on your clean channel!
Dr. Scientist The Elements
Our Price: 225.00

The Elements is an all new distortion generator from our mad friends at Dr. Scientist.οΎ  Beginning with the renowned Cleanness, The Elements adds a unique blend of clipping and tone shaping for a distortion/fuzz pedal with more versatility than ever before.
Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator
Our Price: 225.00

Mini-Reverberators are true bypass, true bad-ass, and have truly big-ass sounding reverb!
Dr. Scientist The Tremolessence
Our Price: 250.00

From classic to futuristic tremolo sounds with classically futuristic good looks, Dr. Scientist guarantees you'll find the essence of millions of awesome sounding tremolo tones inside THE TREMOLESSENCE!
Dr. Scientist The BitQuest
Our Price: 265.00

The BitQuest is a simple multi-effect pedal, no menus or presets, but it has 8 different weird and cool effects and enough control to be quite powerful. This is a really experimental and creative pedal, full of adventurous sounds.
Dr. Scientist The Heisenberg Molecular Overdrive
Our Price: 399.00

The Heisenberg Molecular Overdrive has a molecular junction, a new kind of diode that saturates in a slower, smoother, more pleasing way than conventional, silicon diodes. What resulted was a new kind of overdrive pedal, featuring three gain stages: a MOSFET booster, an NPN transistor fuzz and an opamp distortion.
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