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ColdCraft Effects pedals are the pinnacle of rich sounds and stacked gains that will give every guitarist the chance to produce more vibrant sounds than they ever thought possible. With the Coldcraft Effects Cascade pedal, the multiple gains allow for the guitarist to get the most out of what they're playing by increasing the depth of each tone.

The ColdCraft Effects Ramrod helps to provide all of the angst that the player needs to get the right amount of bite in their playing. Guitars only have so much edge on their own, but using the Ramrod helps to distort the tone enough to make it edgy and gnarled in every situation.

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Coldcraft Effects Black Shuck
Our Price: 149.00

The Black Shuck is a versatile Overdrive & Distortion preamp designed for pure rock tones.
Coldcraft Effects Sweet Cream Overdrive
Our Price: 159.00

The Sweet Cream Overdrive is a low-gain preamp designed to refine and enhance the sound of the guitar, without blanketing it in, well, a blanket of mud.  You can think of it as the little brother to the Cascade, as it sports a dual stage design as well, but they are very different and compliment each other quite well.
Coldcraft Effects Sweet Kiwi MKII Fuzz
Our Price: 169.00

The Sweet Kiwi MkII is a revised and updated version of a limited edition Fuzz from 2012. The original Kiwi Fuzz was based on cascading power amp designs combining op amp clipping for musical sizzle and power amp stages for thick, juicy muscle. The combination is best described as a fuzzy, saturated amp.
Coldcraft Effects Fiesta Fuzz Mini
Our Price: 169.00

The Fiesta Fuzz Mini is a special version of the Fiesta MkII where they’ve taken the FAT and Gain trimmers, fixed them and ripped them right off!
Coldcraft Effects Apple Butter Autowah
Our Price: 189.00

Fit more Funk in yo’ Trunk with the Apple Butter Autowah, a full-featured envelope triggered low-pass filter.
Coldcraft Effects EchoVerberator
Our Price: 189.00

After the smash success of the short run EchoVerb, Coldcraft has revised, repackaged and reinvigorated the design into the new EchoVerberator. The ‘Verberator features the same ground-breaking parallel combination of lush, responsive reverb and warm, organic echoes and adds a host of exciting new features.
Coldcraft Effects Harmonic Tremolo V2
Our Price: 189.00

The revised Harmonic Tremolo addresses this with an analog preamp married to a digital modulation engine, allowing much more powerful and unique features than analog circuitry alone.
Coldcraft Effects Cascade MKII
Our Price: 209.00

The Cascade MkII picks up where the original design left off, stacking two distinctly different gain structures for thick, rich tones.
Coldcraft Effects Black Dynamite MKII
Our Price: 229.00

The Black Dynamite was designed to be an ultra-dynamic, medium gain preamp capable of warm overdrive or medium gain “Crunch”-style distortion with powerful EQ options.
Coldcraft Effects Fusion Fuzz
Our Price: 249.00

The Fusion Fuzz is a clever expansion of the versatile Fiesta Fuzz MkII design.  The addition of a “fuzzrite”-style Texture control grants access to octave, synth and brass-like fuzz tones through the careful canceling of dry and filtered distorted signals.  The Fiesta “fuzz mode” is also included via Mode toggle.
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