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Nine Volt Pedals Fishing is as Fun as Fuzz
Our Price: 79.99

As fuzzy as a family of holidaying bears on a fishing trip. And this fuzz is no copy cat clone, it's a sleuth of bears who make their own unique happy fun.
Nine Volt Pedals I Was a Wolf in the Forest Distortion
Our Price: 79.99

A Wolf in the Forest is many things just like this Nine Volt Pedal's creation. Aggressive like a large black stack in the night, or stealthy just like a predator ready to pounce when the volume is wound down. The Wolf's howl is Variable as well and can be subtly adjusted via the tone pot or via its hidden presence and bass trim pots that are deep in the belly of the beast, unlike many wolves this Wolf is decidedly British sounding.
Nine Volt Pedals Relaxing Walrus Delay
Our Price: 79.99

A Relaxing Walrus likes nothing better than a vintage analogue voiced delay, or so we are told. The delay time ranges from 1ms to 1250ms and creates the Yamabiko effect, the mystical and spiritual effect of echo in the valley's and mountain's of Japan. Longer delays times induce signal break up like the waves of a receding tide.
Nine Volt Pedals Surfing Bear Overdrive
Our Price: 79.99

Surfing bears just love Overdrive, and this one is no exception! The Bear's deep love of overdrive has led to the creation of this pedal, which is based on his personal 808, but with a few tweaks and a greater range of tone to suit his personal palette. If you're looking for the 808 with more this could be your tone nirvana!
Nine Volt Pedals 1927 Homerun King Compressor
Our Price: 89.99

Hit a homerun out of the ballpark just like the New York Yankees in 1927. The Comp and EQ controls work interactively to help you to win the game of compression!
Nine Volt Pedals Bath Time Reverb
Our Price: 109.99

This Bear has many sounds in his head and he uses the Bath Time to compliment them all.
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