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Evidence Audio Monorail Solid Core Patch Cable
Our Price: 2.95

The Monorail™ Tiny cable; huge sound. Goes where others refuse to travel and brings it on home.
Evidence Audio SIS Plug
Our Price: 7.95

The SIS Plug™ features incredible contact and grip with the positive conductor of the Monorail cable. All you have to do is strip the cable, screw in the cable and screw on the cap. Done!
Evidence Audio Melody
Our Price: 81.00

The Melody™ Little Brother of the Lyric HG; yet still beats up the competitors' kids without help at a great price.
Evidence Audio Lyric HG
Our Price: 115.00

The Lyric HG™ A refinement of the original Lyric cable with greater resolving ability. Yin to the Yang of The Forte.
Evidence Audio Reveal
Our Price: 119.00

The Reveal™ An extension of your pick-up windings plugged straight into your amplifier. Flexible, fast and lightweigh
Evidence Audio Forte Straight to Straight 10 ft / 3m (FTSS10)
Our Price: 138.00

The Forte™
A flexible Instrument cable with exceptional tone and feel.
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