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MASF Pedals OSC03
Our Price: $169.00

With simple controls the OSC03 exceeds previous models creating the most incredible sounding noise effect oscillator.
MASF Pedals Epilepsy
Our Price: $187.00

Outrageous Oscillator Explosive Sound Effect. The Epilepsy is a super distorted fuzz with an out of control explosive oscillator that is intertwined with the guitar signal. This effect is not easy on the user. Let the Epilepsy take hold of you.
MASF Pedals Thornoscillator
Our Price: $225.00

Thornoscillator is used as a fuzz guitar but also the oscillation, and match very well, connect a synthesizer or rhythm machine and multi-effects fuzz noise oscillation rate can also be used separately as a noise machine thornoscillator.
Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz
Our Price: $249.99

This is an extreme tone-mangling distortion, adapted from John Hollis' 'Crash Sync' circuit. It's the same circuit as that used in the original Dr Freakenstein Fuzz, housed in our own original design steel desk-type enclosure with true bypass footswitching incorporated.
Dr. Scientist The BitQuest
Our Price: $265.00

The BitQuest is a simple multi-effect pedal, no menus or presets, but it has 8 different weird and cool effects and enough control to be quite powerful. This is a really experimental and creative pedal, full of adventurous sounds.
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