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The quest for pure overdrive devoid of muddled tones ends with ARC Effect's line of distortion pedals. Holding true to the depth and clarity of the original "K" pedal, the ARC Effects Klone was constructed to fill the void left behind by the original. The ARC Effects Crimson King revives the classic "buzz" overdrive sound for the modern era, enabling guitarists to measure the punch of their sound with its sustain controls. The ARC Effects Gamut pedal can complete your board or stand on its own with its powerful gain and clean boost controls. The Gamut's range can be widened or narrowed to play support or take the lead.

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ARC Effects Big Green
Our Price: 179.99

Introducing the ARC Effects Big Green! A new take on the classic "S" Tall Font Green Russian Distortion that's based on a few poked and prodded real deal Tall Fonts. It's taken two steps further with the addition of internal dip switches for mid voicing (stock scooped and flat) and diode lift (supa tonebender-ish) for more versatility. This makes it equally as great with bass as it is with guitar. It also stands alone as the only available Green Russian to features custom ordered period correct potentiometer values which were discovered by deconstructing real Tall Fonts (no pedals were harmed in the production of this pedal). On top of everything under the hood the Big Green Pi is housed in a completely custom folded steel enclosure making it an absolute one of a kind with unmatched durability!


Custom 3.5" x 5" 18 Gauge Steel Enclosure
True Bypass Switching
Top Mounted Jacks
DC Power + Internal Battery Cradle
ARC Effects Gamut
Our Price: 179.99

The newly revised Gamut takes over where the original left off with the addition of a voltage converter that allows this pedal to be used with all standard negative ground 9v power supplies.

ARC Effects Soothsayer
Our Price: 179.99

Introducing the ARC Effects Soothsayer Overdrive/Distortion - an all encompassing take on the LM308 equipped King of Kalamazoo! At it's core is a purist friendly classic distortion with the addition of 4 clipping options
ARC Effects Shepherd
Our Price: 179.99


Based on a gained out version of the 1973 "Violet Ram's Head" with an external toggle switch for 3 mid voicings (stock scooped, flat, and boosted) and components selected to create the perfect balance of responsive attack, singing sustain, individual note articulation, and mid range cut.


  • True Bypass Switching
  • Top Mounted Jacks
  • 9V DC Power
ARC Effects Klone V2
Our Price: 199.99

The ARC Effects Klone is a faithful recreation of the now out of production and highly sought after "K" overdrive pedal.
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